The Coming War against Home Schooling……….

So Toyota is in trouble, big, big trouble. They made some shoddy parts, or more truthfully, allowed their suppliers to make some shoddy parts and as a result some people died. This is not why they are in trouble. The reason that a cold chill is running down the collective spine of Toyota’s employee base is that their old arch rival GM is on the ropes and the new GM CEO Barack Obama and corporate board, the House and Senate, have decided to destroy their sales base in the USA. Looking for proof ? The Secretary of Transportation actually went on TV and told people to stop driving their Toyotas because the were unsafe and they might kill people. This was a signal that the new political establishment was beginning the cycle of payback for support and contributions.

Barack and Friends, the new megaplex coffee table, talk show powerhouse political vaudeville show rose to power on the funds of the big unions. This, of course, included the unions entrenched inside American Car companies. The buyout of GM and the attacks against Toyota are payback pure and simple. I’m certain that the administration is relieved to be able to pull it off with the clean one, two, right cross, rabbit punch combo. No more worries about the unions in this political cycle. But wait, aren’t I forgetting something?

Ah yes, one half of the Democrat war chest in the last election came from Teachers and Government employees unions. So far they have been out in the cold. Worse yet the recent shock and awe campaign against Toyota even caused collateral damage to the self esteem of the rank and file of the Teachers Unions. The Prius brake recall has shattered the one liberal teacher car buying option that runs on clean, non polluting smug. I can hear the whining and grumbling in the distance already. The administration better move fast and pay off the Teacher’s Union in a spectacular and creative manner. Fortunately for all of us I can see their next move and issue the warning call so we can all circle the wagons.

A good friend of mine is a Prius driving, inner city Teacher. If you have the misfortune to spend an evening with her – after she has finished justifying her decision to divorce her long suffering husband in an attempt to cure her native ennui, then listed at length her various heroic actions to single handedly conquer global warming she will unerringly turn to her pet peeve,the brutal economic mistreatment of teachers. This is a bottomless topic for her. In fact, since I have a number of public school teachers in my greater social circle I can say with no reservation it is the only topic that fires them into soul deadening rants that are unavoidable and unceasing.

Here’s a summary. They work too many hours. The work is brutally hard. They are the most important people in society. They are grossly underpaid. All of the problems with academic performance are the fault of the parents and, in their most offensive diatribe, they don’t have enough time off.

My friend for example has been teaching for twelve years. She is tenured so is impossible to fire. She is paid $86,000 per year. (the average American makes $44,000) She has a summer vacation from June 20th til September 5th each year. In addition to this she gets a three day weekend for Columbus Day, then a week off for Thanksgiving, then a week off between Christmas and New Years, then a three day weekend for Martin Luther King Day, then a four day weekend for President’s Day, then a week off for Easter and finally a three day weekend for Memorial Day. In addition to this she gets 5 personal days and 7 sick days and TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION. She receives full health care insurance and life insurance. Her loans are subsidized and guaranteed through the union. All tuitions of almost any conceivable kind are paid in full. ( she complains bitterly that she must pay the bill in full and wait three full weeks for reimbursement!) This career is the result of a four year college education majoring in mildly demanding topic of education.

Dangerously this worldview, shared throughout the ranks of the Teacher’s Unions, is an opportunity that the Obama administration is about to exploit in an effort to fix the next election in their favor. They will do it by offering a two pronged pay off. First they will launch an initiative to make inroads with Catholic Voters. This is a weak demographic for the President. This will provide political cover for the administration to pass a bill making St Patrick’s Day a national holiday. It’s a win/win for Obama. He solidifies support of American Irish Catholics, a large segment of the pie and more importantly he gives teachers a FOUR DAY WEEKEND in March. As any parent of school age children knows March is the ONLY month where teachers work for the whole month. The government worker’s unions and the teacher’s unions will faint in gruesome bliss. ( I must tip my hat to history here. The roman emperors had a tradition of adding holidays to the calendar to celebrate their accension to power. By the end of the empire there were almost no days left to conduct business on since a holiday precluded all official business)

The administration won’t be satisfied with this very visible, idiotic and counter productive change in the American work schedule. They, after all, have control of the House and Senate. The payoff to the AFLCIO involved legislation didn’t it? Well the payoff to the teachers will use all the power and organization of the legislative branch as well.

It’s a little reported fact that Toyota has recently stood up to the Unions and refused to allow the unionization of their new US car plants. A week before the government’s declaration of open war against Toyota the unions began picketing the car company. It is a time honored tradition in political corruption that the powerful use the government to destroy their enemies. For the Car Unions Toyota is THE Enemy. For the Teacher’s Unions Home schoolers are THE Enemy. This will be the administration next campaign move. Heed my warning friends, control of our children’s education is about to come under withering fire. This administration and congress will be moving this year to outlaw home schooling.

Recently home schooling has boomed. In many parts of the country flat enrollment numbers in public schools is directly attributable to home schooling. I won’t discuss the ironclad logic why this reaction on the part of parents is a good, laudable and positive trend to end the tyranny and political myopia of the public school system. It is just necessary to recognize that to the Teacher’s Unions home schooling is public Enemy #1. The coming attempt to reelect Barack Obama shows that the war is on. They haven’t gone public as of yet but this year is the beginning of the full-blown campaign.

Look for the first few leaks of damning stories about home schooling. They will start by demonizing the movement. Then they will move rapidly to tax it, and outlaw it in practice if not in law. Before the next election home schoolers will see a world on the horizon where school boards and local school administration have to certify their credentials. Homes will be subject to inspection and regulation by OSHA and the EPA. The list of obvious and viscous options are too depressing to outline. All I can say is we must spread the word and fight………….

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~ by Brad Morrison on February 13, 2010.

One Response to “The Coming War against Home Schooling……….”

  1. I would’ve loved to have home school my kids. Had the rug-of-life not been yanked out from under me (and repeatedly at that), I would have. Then again, it funneled me into getting my NJ teaching license. By the way, unions suck and the NJEA is horrifying. When my tenured spouse lost his teaching job, the union stood there, in the corner, with their proverbial thumbs up their asses. I love teaching strings to kids. I love my job. I am PT, with hours just shy of benefits. The pay is just fine, with the exception of having to pay into a union I don’t agree with on many levels. I received tenure status prior to NJ Dept. of Ed. processing my license. No surprises here, it’s NJ! My point? Regardless of my heart reaching out to lots of kids everyday, I am still low on the schools economic food chain. Big budget cuts are eminent and I have already been “warned” that my job will be reduced, if not eliminated. Time will tell how the cards will play out.

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