The coming Coup D’ Etat

Here it is, the night before the midterm elections and it all makes sense.  As usual the comfort of deep reading of dusty old histories has brought to this feeling of comfort, of familiarity, of the love of an old pair of shoes, left and right – coup d etat and planned chaos.

Obama, or should I say Barry boy, is circling the wagons and boy is the circle really small. In fact it has shrunk to a solid wall of Secret Service men and, perhaps, his wife and daughter. (Notice I am not counting the dog – Biden. That is his name isn’t it?) Here we go Hillary, 9000 miles away is moving for power. Her husband, her current agent provocateur is blissfully tramping around the country burying elections right and left, well mainly left. 

This election, thanks to Alvin the chipmunk Gore, will once again be far from final. The vote rigging, packed voter rolls, electronic hacking of the brand new, federally mandated voting computers, voter intimidation by unionistas will just be the start of an election that is likely to be nullified. Poor us, we are, finally, ready to stand up and say “enough” and here they have settled it all without our noticing since we were so consumed with worrying about the placement of a mosque and the sad fiction of us actually being given something (healthcare) for nothing. (pronounced every damn dime left in circulation)

Friends, Hillary is making her move. Watch her go. Watch it on The View. Watch it in your imagination. Your imagination? Yes, perhaps we all may be cut off from media as it all goes down.  When the dust clears, in January, and the election is finally over we will discover that the lame ducks have nailed our coffin shut.  I just printed out a list of the current members of Congress. I am posting it next to my 1959 Playboy calendar. I will look at it occasionally to remind myself of the names of the traitors.

Now, a comment to the powerful. Hillary might want to remember that Octavian, later known, as Augustus was not Caesar. He wasn’t second in line. He wasn’t the guy (or girl) that was passed over.  He came out of the third string. He was one of the talented partisans that used the chaos of a struggle for power to eliminate everyone and leave himself the last man standing. And then, he had talent. Tons, and tons of talent. Does that describe anyone in the current picture?….I thought not…..

Just thought I would mention it all was about to come unglued……………………….


~ by Brad Morrison on November 1, 2010.

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