Bill Clinton’s arrogance and Led Zeppelin’s Moral Acendency

I’ll start by mentioning that I saw Led Zeppelin at Madison Square garden for two of the three nights during the Song Remains the same. Oh la, ain’t I cool. They were good, almost great. John Paul Jones and John Bonham were the voice of the Norse Gods. Page was in top form and Plant couldn’t hit the high notes. Those shows were Led Zeppelin in their prime. What most of the later generations of music fans don’t seem to understand is that Led Zeppelin was just another band. They were not the Beatles. They were not the beginning and end of rock. I have seen hundreds of rock shows. Led Zeppelin was just another band, in fact, they stole every song they recorded.

Today’s headlines has the humiliating news that ex President (thank the lord for that) Bill Clinton attempting to step in to use his “influence” to pressure Led Zeppelin to reunite to play a benefit to aid the victims of hurricane Sandy.  The band said no. I imagine, and I have a strong reality based imagination, that the band laughed themselves silly. Bill Clinton is not cool. He has never been cool. Well, he may have been considered cool by legions of nerds and mainstream Americans that are, in themselves, not in any way cool. Bill Clinton isn’t cool. His supporters aren’t cool and in many ways Led Zeppelin is no longer cool.

The more interesting point is Bill Clinton’s inability to accept that the proper thing for an ex President to do is fade into the background. Since he is a rampant narcissist he naturally assumes that in addition to exporting all the jobs in America, bringing peace to the middle east and finally making Serbs and Croats love each other he will remake Rock history. It needs to be said, Bill Clinton is a putz. He has never been cool, he never will be cool and his taste in music is just one of the many confirmations of this fact. Unfortunately, being a NARCICIST he suffers from a complete inability to be self reflective.  Now we, the American people, are going to suffer as we watch him continue to cheapen the real perception of the American Presidency.  The mystique and tangible respect of the position of the President of the Republic of America is the product of 216 years of work by American Presidents.  Sadly a man with as little substance as Bill Clinton will pour part of this important faith and respect down the drain in an effort to prove to himself that he is still the center of the universe.

There is no question that politician are, as a class, narcissists. But there is ego and there is narcissism. They are not the same thing.  Bill Clinton’s flaws run deep, frighteningly deep. One of the great unanswered questions of recent political history is why Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial was conducted in secrecy. What dreadful things was the Senate hiding from us? The question, when viewed against one of the most scandal plagued administrations ever to control the White House. The possible answers are all bad, really truly, bad in ways that effect history.  It appears that this man, this ex President, will never willingly leave the stage. His flaws compel him to the limelight and the damage he is doing to America’s respect is real and tangible.  Perhaps America needs to consider a banishment amendment to the constitution…..

©Brad Morrison 2013/Billiken Media


~ by Brad Morrison on May 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “Bill Clinton’s arrogance and Led Zeppelin’s Moral Acendency”

  1. John Paul JONES, ya pinheaded teabagger. LOL

    • Mittens,
      Thanks so much for your kind, thoughtful and low class stereotypical abuse. Your constructive criticism of my typo has reminded me, once again, that I should take my time and carefully reread all of my written output. I am curious what the word LOL means, is this perhaps an acronym for losers of life? This, of course, is your stand in for your signature. I will take a moment to point out that the anonymity of the web often brings out the truly ugly side of many people. Apparently many people feel empowered by being anonymous. Psychologically this is just a trap for their underfed egos and exposes their inability to make a cogent riposte to ideas that make them feel threatened since it erodes the cognitive dissonance that keeps their immature and uneducated moral system aloft. Please post a link to your online blog so I can return the favor.
      Warmest Regards

  2. Well put. I often wonder how this whole notion of “Rock Star Politicians” got started. Politicians in office are civil servants and since when did it become “cool” to be a civil servant. Nothing against them personally, it’s just that it’s not, nor is it supposed to be, a sexy job. Even in France where being a civil servant is a life path held in high esteem, they are not considered cool and one of them could never be considered a Rock Star Civil Servant. There are some sexy, cool, rock star jobs like… being a supermodel, an actor and an actual rock star. The idea of Bill Clinton being cool was one that had currency within a very small population of media elites. Thank you for your post. It is refreshing to hear the simple truth.

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