WAMC, Chartog and NPR

I had the great misfortune to listen to an interview on WAMC this afternoon.  For those of you outside of the Hudson Valley, or of a political persuasion other than proudly left of left WAMC is a NPR station that apparently is wholly owned and operated by a clown named Alan Chartock. Wait that’s not exactly true. It, like most NPR stations is owned by an educational institution, in this case SUNY.  Alan Chartock just acts like he owns it and he certainly does lord over it as his personal fiefdom complete with a  160K sinecure.chatock1

This afternoon Chartock was interviewing John Stanmeyer a national geographic photographer and Berkshire’s resident.  Stanmeyer seemed like and interesting gentleman, world traveler, photographer, gallery owner. Chartock ignoring any other obvious angles for interviewing him decided to blaze new ground. He grilled him about how much he gets paid!, Yes you read that correctly. He spent a good portion of his time trying to get his guest on a radio interview to tell him how much he makes and to use Chartock’s unspeakably rude phrase “how he had come to be so affluent”.  Now, please don’t be misguided by Chartock’s behavior. This isn’t a one time thing or an aberration. Chartock regularly grills his guests about their sources of income and gross pay because, to quote him again “he’s curious about these things”. Al Chartock has taken envy to new heights as he monopolizes WAMC’s airwaves. Like most narcissists Al is blissfully self obsessed, he has appointed himself executive producer or every show on WAMC (I suspect he gets to draw a fee while doing nothing),  and converted AMC’s call in program Vox Pop into his personal medical consultation by having an endless series of medical specialists as guests who he interviews seemingly with no guidance other than his own fears about his failing health.

If you ever have the good fortune to drive through the Hudson Valley take a few minutes and tune in WAMC on the left side of the dial. The odds are good that you will hear Al’s tremulous bleating at almost any hour of the day or night. The station is a personal beacon of Chartock’s ego. He is the morning political commentor. He is the afternoon talk show host. He is the drive time political commentator. He reads the pleas for funding. (to cover his ridiculous salary). He phones in to ensure the on air conversation starts never strays away from his sadly predictable political agenda. To make this frighteningly two dimensional character’s tenure as the mouthpiece for government funded radio even more interesting is the wave of rumors that have surfaced on blogs about Chartock’s sexual harrasment of an employee that happens to be married to another employee.  It’s just rumor folks and the rumor say that a settlement (pronounced “payoff”) was worked out to silence an o so typical scandal for a devoutly liberal organization.  I’ve listened to AMC for years and spent so many hours being educated in AL Chartock’s personality that I feel I could predict this fool’s next sentence. The idea of him harrassing his staff not only fits it fits like a condom.

So Happy New Year to WAMC and the cult of Al Chartock a man whose face was made for radio……………..

Copyright 2014 Brad Morrison


~ by Brad Morrison on January 2, 2014.

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