Hey there, I’m still kickin’ after 4 decades of being a musician, producer, rock n roll manager, record label owner, farmer, ancient coin collector, outspoken bastard, audio engineer, raconteur, fractious rabbit owner, ecommerce chieftin, bail bondsman and intellectual madman. Over the years I’ve worked on wall st., sold rope, released a gold record, written a novel or two, been married twice, father two times,produced about seventy records, managed thirty bands, negotiated a dozen major label deals, landed a couple of publishing contracts,crashed a couple of cars, grown pumpkins, designed giant mazes, booked a punk club, rose to fame as a radio star then plummeted to obscurity, rebuilt an old farmhouse, changed someone’s name from Scott to Pinecone without their approval, taught small children to dance, failed to invent anything clever, written countless songs, founded a band that only sang about road kill and love affairs between insects and social misfits and learned to be an extraordinarily good cook as a defense against people’s dinner invitations…..and, oh yeah I once signed a little known band called Phish…………. If you would like to contact me via email the address is:ciceroqpublic(that strange symbol that means AT)yahooDOTcom


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Dear Mr Morrison, a good website for articles on Toyota is howtobuyamerican.com. This man has done his homework and I think his claims can easily be checked out. There is an article about State Fsrm Insurance Company reporting about problems with Toyota in 2007. Whether you like unions or not(I’m a member of a union but I’m not a supporter of their tactics) doesn’t give you a right to distort the facts. On the above website,there is another article about it’s Toyota’s turn in the barrel. There are several articles about Toyota. All companies seem to have their challenges and I don’t think Toyota is quite as innocent as you believe. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago,there was an article in, “The Flint Journal” about a woman whose 2005 Toyota Camry’s accelerator pedal stuck and she died in a car crash a few years ago. BTW, I DID NOT vote for Obummer. I am a consevative and a constitutionalist.

    • Hi Marcia,
      I agree with your criticism of my blog. Although I am not sure exactly how I am distorting the facts, you mention it but then don’t actually define my distortion. I can see how it might appear as if I am blindly pro toyota. This is not the case. I think my overarching motivation in the article is to point out that the attack on Toyota is politically motivated. It’s timing is particularly suspect. I also agree that all large corporations have their challenges and problems and make mistakes, some of them, fatal for their customers. They should be held accountable. Again my reason for writing the article was to point out the simple cause and effect of political donations and government interference. Beyond that my reason, within a reason, within a reason was to warn home schoolers. I started out with that in mind and then I just write. What comes out is a distillation of all the chaotic thoughts that make up my worldview. Lastly I will mention that I too am a classical conservative and a constitutionalist…. thanks for the comment.

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